5 Ways to Support Tim’s Campaign

Donate to Tim’s Campaign
Signs, printing, advertisements are all necessary tools to get the word out, but they are expensive.  Tim started campaign with a personal contribution of $5000.00, but this is just a starting point.   Our goal is to raise $15,000 by April 20, 2016.  Your financial support is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

By donating monetarily you are also able to take advantage of a political tax credit.  If you pay taxes in Oregon, you may be eligible for up to a $50 tax credit per person, or $100 for a joint tax return.  The State of Oregon has made this credit available so that all people may have the opportunity to raise capital to fund a campaign just like Tim is doing.  To learn more visit:  OregonTaxCredit.com

Click HERE to Donate to Tim’s Campaign

Vote for Tim on Election Day
 This race can easily be decided in the primary election in May, so please, when you see that ballot come in your mail this April, take the time and vote.  Even if you don’t live in Marion County, you know someone that does.  Support us in getting the word out.

Ask Your Friends to Vote for Tim Kirsch
Share a message via social media and ask your friends to tell their friends too. Share a post from our Facebook page on your personal page.  Every vote counts.  Share the message “I’m voting for Tim Kirsch”.  Every bit of support is appreciated!

Write a Letter to the Editor on Tim’s Behalf
Let your Marion County communities’ newspapers or the Statesman Journal; Marion County’s largest newspaper; know why you’re voting for Tim Kirsch.

Consider putting up a sign.  I have yard and field signs available for the asking.  If you have a good location with high visibility, a sign can make all the difference.  Contact us and we’ll provide one to you, or have one put up at your location.