Here’s More About the Marion County Clerk Position…

Marion County Clerk is a non-partisan elected position.  The Clerk’s office oversees four vital areas within the Marion County government.  Each of these departments have specific functions and are mandated by Oregon law.

Licensing and recording:  Issues marriage licenses, processes passport applications and processes liquor license applications and renewals.  Records and maintains permanent record of all property transactions that occur in Marion County.  Operates the county archives facility and maintains all records of the board of Commissioners Proceedings.

Elections:  Maintains voter registration file.  Conducts all elections held in Marion County.  Designs ballots and pamphlets, processes and counts ballots and certifies the results to the Secretary of State.

Administration:  Serves as the custodian of the Board of Commissioners journal, and is the County Records Administrator.  Leads the department with overall supervision, forecasting, budget preparation and financial analysis.  Leads in community outreach and education on Clerk’s duties.

Board of Property Tax Appeals:  Seeks and selects board appointments, organizes and records petitions, schedules hearings and fields’ questions from the public.